Alumni Insights Sowing the seeds of love     – An interview with alumni Mr Rickie Tsang and Miss Telesia Tsang

When Mr Rickie Tsang attended the graduation ceremony of his daughter, Telesia, in 2014, it brought back evocative memories of his own time at CityU 20 years earlier when he studied Electronic Engineering while juggling a full-time job.

After finishing his secondary education, Rickie went to work for a telecommunications company. However, he always harboured the hope of expanding his horizons at university. When the opportunity arose in 1987, he chose CityU to fulfil his dream. He still remembers how he took then three-year-old Telesia and his wife to his own graduation in 1993. After obtaining his degree, he gained promotion and later became a chartered engineer. He is now an engineer at PCCW.

Telesia received her Marketing degree at CityU. “CityU education made me a more creative person. I’ve learnt to look at issues from different angles,” said Telesia who is now a management trainee with DHL. She recalled the most unforgettable experience was her six-month exchange experience in National University of Singapore. “It was a journey of discovery. I’ve also made a lot of good friends there,” she said. “I got advice from the Alumni Ambassadors in Singapore and with them, I joined some networking exchanges.”

Rickie has been impressed by the transformation of CityU. But one thing remains unchanged is the unity of CityU community, he said, recalling the enthusiasm of the then City Polytechnic staff and students who worked hard to help CityU to elevate into a University. Telesia also thanked the support of her teachers, administrative staff and classmates when she studied at CityU. “Its ranking has surged partly because staff are all united,” she said.

Both are enthusiastic about community service. Rickie has been a scout leader since 1977 and is now a Regional Headquarters Commissioner (Facilities & Equipment Management) of the Hong Kong Island Region, Scout Association of Hong Kong. After encouragement from her father, Telesia also became a scout, taking part in the Hong Kong Scout Centenary Jamboree in 2010 along with her dad. While studying at CityU, Telesia also joined the service learning programme. She became a volunteer in South Africa, where she worked with needy children in an education centre. Her outstanding service earned her the “Reaching Out Award” by the HKSAR Government.

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Rickie與Telesia父女倆都積極參與社會服務。 Rickie自1977年開始擔任香港的童軍領袖,現在是香港童軍總會港島地域總部總監,負責管理設施及器材。Telesia亦從小便跟爸爸參加童軍活動,例如協助籌備2010年的香港童軍百周年紀念大露營活動。另外,在城大就讀時,她曾參加學校的「服務學習計劃」,遠赴南非擔任義工一個月,在當地一個中心教導貧困的兒童。她的傑出義工服務,更獲香港特區政府頒贈外展服務獎。